DIESEL is a company dedicated to international and innovative lifestyle, producing a wide range of products including jeans, apparel and accessories. Although DIESEL continues to evolve, its philosophy remains unchanged from its creation: Renzo Rosso envisions a brand that represents passion, individuality and self-expression.
Since its founding in 1978, DIESEL has undergone extraordinary growth, moving from a pioneer in denim garments to a world of premium casual wear and evolving into a true choice for a given luxury market.
DIESEL declaration
We interpret the world around us, understand it in depth, unlock everything we think we know. We look at the world from different perspectives and unite with like-minded people.
Go your own way. Go forward with us on the road, especially on the street where our shop is located.And you can see our products online,which including Diesel Jeans,Diesel Jackets,Diesel Footwears,Diesel Bags,Diesel Trousers,Diesel Footwears,etc.
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